Re: Laser Cutters (Topic Branched from GN 66247)


A suggestion –

Do a “test piece” program


A whole bunch of parallel lines (or whatever shape) spaced out over the width of the bed and vary the speeds/power settings from min to max , e.g.

-       Line 1 @ 10% speed and 10% power

-       Line 2 @ 10% speed and 20% power

-       Etc.

-       Line “n” at 100% speed and 100% power


I’m using 10% increments, depending on your platform size and dealing with the tedium of programming it, there’s no reason you can’t do 5% or 2% increments


I’m assuming “too much power” will not irreparably harm something (set piece on fire, cut thru platen that supports material, etc.).

If so (I’m assuming) you can program a “stop” after each pass so you can look at the part and either continue or exit the program?


Same program can be used on different materials & thicknesses to figure out “best” settings for each material


And don’t forget to have the laser etch in the power / speed settings for each line – so you know which is which :-)



Ken Akerboom

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