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Byron said:
You are aware that Classic Somethings is producing a whole series of
X-23s and its derivatives in brass, aren't you? If you start investing
now, by the time they come out you might be able to afford one. Think
"Highliner," "glacier," and all those other really slooow adjectives
mentioned earlier.
Rail Classics (

Oh yeah...I know 'bout them <G>...have an E6 and a couple P-5a modifieds on
reserve already, speaking of breaking the bank...We'll have to see if they
manage to produce any of them in this decade. They certainly seem to have
an ambitious set of offerings planned!

Of course, Railworks recently put my reserved cars on "indefinite hold".
Those were the FM flat car based tower (catenary) cars...guess I'm back to
scratchbuilding the superstructure on top of a Sunshine FM... (being
similarly PRR afflicted as I, Byron, you wouldn't have any information on
the mechanism used to raise the towers on these would you?)

Happy Rails

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