Re: Wabash-NJI&I minor mystery car

Rob Adams


Information I have indicates the car was built by the Wabash shops in
1944 as part of NJI&I series 4100-4270. There is no note about the cars
being rebuilds. My data does not include the interior dimensions, but
does indicate the capacity to be 3835 with an average light weight of

Kind regards, Rob Adams

Tim O'Connor wrote:

I thought this was a shot of an ordinary 1940 AAR design box car.
Until I noticed the number of side panels -- eight. In all other
respects the car appears to be a standard design. But does the eight
panels indicate a rebuild history?

If the link does not work for you, drag your mouse over it to
it, type Control-C, go to your browser window and click in the
field, and type Control-V.

Tim O'Connor <>
Sterling, Massachusetts

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