Re: G&F and GF&A freightcars

Richard Hendrickson

Does anyone out there in Steam Era land have any photos of Georgia &
Florida or Georgia,Florida & Alabama freightcars? The G&F was bought
and merged into SRR in 1963. The GF&A was bought and merged into SAL
in 1928. Any other info would be appreciated. Thank you!
I have several photos of G&F single sheathed box cars and can supply JPEGs.
There were two batches of these cars, both built by AC&F in the 1920s, an
early (1926) group with 7-8 inverse corrugated Murphy ends and a later
(1927) group with inverse Dreadnaught ends. Sunshine makes very nice resin
kits for these cars.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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