Re: More G&F boxcars

Richard Hendrickson

I was looking through my copy of the ICC Valuation for the Georgia &
Florida and it mentions two groups of boxcars built in 1909 that have
"wood bod(ies) and underframe(s)." When would this type of car been
banned from interchange service? Are these "trussrod" boxcars?
Yes, wood underframe cars almost always were equipped with truss rods to
support the center of the body. And wood underframe cars were banned in
interchange after 1928, though they often lasted longer than that in
company or MW service. It was also common practice to rebuild wood
underframe cars with channel steel draft sills (but still with truss rods),
after which they were again legal in interchange until the mid-1950s.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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