Re: Canadian End Sill Steps

Stafford Swain <sswain@...>

Quoting Jeff English <>:

During what period of time did the Canadian government require
sill steps below the end ladders? I assume this requirement ended
at some time, since I don't believe current Canadian cars have
these. Did the requirement begin during the Classic Steam Era or
earlier? Was it discontinued before the end of the Classic Steam

I have seen such steps in builders photos of cars from as early as 1908
though some in the next few years appear not to have had such steps. By 1913,
however, they appear to be on all new cars. Stafford or someone will jump in
to correct me if I am wrong on this but I believe the requirement was not
dropped until the late 1970's ...or the steps were not removed quickly after
their requirement was dropped.
I don't know any differently (and I can attest Don has definitely been looking at 1913-era built cars lately that some folks call Dominion cars and others call Fowler).

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