Richard Hendrickson

I would be appreciate any photos/JPEGs of G&F equipment. I'm
amazed that SUNSHINE makes models of G&F prototypes. The G&F wasn't
exactly a major railroad in the SE. It was more like an oversized
shortline. My email address is Thanks!
I'll send you the JPEGs as soon as I have time to scan them.

The Sunshine models are a result of the fact that the G&F cars were built
to a standard AC&F design of the 1920s which was also built in large
numbers for the MoPac and its subsidiaries and in smaller numbers for
several southern and Gulf states short lines such as the Columbus &
Greenville, Wichita Falls & Southern and Clinton, Oklahoma & Western (later
Santa Fe). Martin Lofton's main objective was to model the Missouri
Pacific versions, but he made optional parts and decals to model the other
prototypes as well.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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