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Stafford Swain asks:

An overhead ice bunker car as described in RMC a few years back now.
Now tell me what color the CNR reefer is as well as its lettering.

Regretfully, the photo is black and white. However, the color is much, much, much lighter than the adjoining SP B-50-12....just kidding. The adjoining car is an SP auto car [ hint...if someone I know would do the SP box/auto car book, I'd know more about it ]. In fact, there are two. The CN car has "CNR" on the right side above a tilted square within which is "Serves All Canada" and all of it is on top of a darker Maple leaf.
I was kind of teasing but FWIW the CNR's steel overhead ice bunker reefers were a gray (specifically CNR Grey No. 11 which is available both in Scalecoat1 and Modelflex paint with a Mineral Brown (CNR Red No. 11) which is also available in the same choices of painting media.

The lettering was a "true" red known as CNR Red No. 10 which for all practical purposes is the same as Santa Fe "War-Bonnet" red. As for the maple leaf green, it likely was CNR Green No. 12 (but there is also a small chance it was the much darker Green No. 10).

Likely with the purchase of a F&C kit with the correct end (about the only major variation over the years) and CDS's dry transfers, this car could be pretty much nailed in HO.

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