Re: CNR flats

Stafford F. Swain <sswain@...>

Hi John:

The 659000-659999 and similar 660000-6601999 series flat cars have been given a fairly complete treatment by me in two issues of CN LINES (Vol. 5 No.'s 3 and 4) [high quality Back Issue copies are available from us]. This article has been in RMC's black ace files for maybe about four to five years now.

I know that the CN had straight side flats akin to the Tichy kit, but they also had cars in the 659000 series (the number Red Caboose uses). Were these also straight side cars? Did they have 12 pockets? - John
They were fishbelly side sill cars with 12 side stake pockets and the Red Caboose model is a decent stand-in.

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