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I don't know if you have the Santa Fe stock car book or not (still available
from the society's web page a few weeks ago) but it would help you decide
which class of cars the KD car is closest to in appearance. Based upon that
choice, why not just repaint and reletter those that you have? Stock cars have
pretty minimal lettering, and a box car set could cover much of what you need,
excluding the "Sk- " class designation. The other characteristic spotting
feature common to ATSF stock cars would to add the two planks used for the
reporting marks and car number on the left side. Barring the introduction of a
substitute in resin or plastic, you're stuck with trying to get a resemblance rather
than an exact replica.

Tom Casey

In a message dated 6/20/2003 5:17:10 AM Central Daylight Time,

Thanks for the info. I had thought that KD/M-T had done fairly accurate
paint schemes (even if the car itself was inaccurate). Makes me wonder if the
other M-T stuff I have is bogus as well. I guess that I'll be selling off
some green cars! I really do appreciate everyones help - even if it's not what
I wanted to hear <G>!

Take Care!

Brian R. Termunde

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