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Steve and Barb Hile


I suspect that you have a print, but if not, I have a nice print from the
Kalmbach library of an Ernest Stephan photo of GARX 67684 in Washington D.C.
in 1939 if it will help the cause.


If Red Caboose does this car, what will I do with the unbuilt wood kits from
Taurus and Prototype Modeler that I have been hoarding? I may have to learn
to ebay!!!!

Speaking of that, did any one keep track of how many resin kits were sold in
the glut over the last two weeks? Who made the big killings? Will there be
more swap tables than usual at Naperville?

Just wondering.
Steve Hile

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Dick Harley wrote, responding to my post regarding the Rock Island wood

And the cars were built by GATC to a design that's essentially
the same as that of contemporary PFE reefers with "RR design"
(i.e., not Bettendorf) underframes.

Are you sure that is not a Bettendorf underframe? The photo shows all
underframe characteristics of a PFE R-30-12 rather than an R-30-13: 1)
Ends of the body bolsters resemble I-beams, 2) Brake gear is all below
center sill, rather than through it. Looks more like a Bettendorf than a
PFE "RR design" underframe to me.
So much for responding off the top of my head. I looked at the photos and
drawings in the 1931 CBCyc and Dick is (as usual) quite right; the RI cars
had Bettendorf u/fs, so the correct analogy is with the PFE R-40-12.
means that the cars would be easy to model in HO using a Red Caboose kit.
I wonder if RC has done the GATC/RI paint/lettering on these cars? If
I will suggest it to Bill McC and send him copies of the prototype photos

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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