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3. A 37 ft. meat reefer for Swift, Wilson's or Hormel (NADX).
I have a few (5 in total) of these from Sunshine (yes, they're built!), and I
em! Seems to me a good choice for the plastic car kit environment.

5. A War Emergency 40 ft. boxcar.
I have a few of these in resin as well, they're nice cars, especially the 50'
As for a plastic one, done right, these seem to be a good choice since they
could cover a bunch of roads.

Not listed by anyone else yet, but one I'd like to see would be the steel
rebuilds of the USRA double sheathed cars. Loads of roads had them variations of
them as well, and the fishbelly center sill would add some visual interest.
I'm not talking about the car Tichy has done, the 8 panel side, rebuild of
single sheathed cars.

Tom Casey

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