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Hmmm...To be sure, the Santa Fe's entire stock car fleet was larger, but
the CB&Q's steel underframed SM-16, SM-18 and SM-18A stock cars built
from 1922-28 at one time numbered 3000 cars, approximately half of the
Q's roster in 1930, and a much higher percentage in later years as the
Burlington's older stock cars were retired. All three classes are
nearly identical, with the latter two groups having 40 ton trucks,
giving them a higher load capacity. Makes the size of the ATSF
SK-2/SK-3 fleet seem just a little less extraordinary.
Point well taken. But the Sk-2/3 numbers while pretty big, are bigger still
when you add in the other stock cars built from Bx-3/6 box cars, the Sk-5's.
The spotting difference is that the Sk-5's had diagonal panel roofs.

The actual count of Sk-2, 3 & 5's per "Stock Cars of the Santa Fe" is thus

Sk-2's 1,750 built in '42, '43 through '46
Sk-3's 1,121 built in '47 through '50
Sk-5's 1,300 built in '52/'53

for a total of 4,171 out of 7880 total stock cars on the roster at the end of
'53. Peak year for stock cars on the Santa Fe was 1928: 9,331 cars.

Tom Casey

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