Re: Märklin UP A-50-16 (lettered A-50-19)

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Gene Green writes:

"Another list member compared Märklin to Lionel, as I recall. That's
my view, too. I have no further interest in any Märklin offerings.
Anybody wanna buy two Trix Big Boys?"

I'm gonna violate my own rule again....this reply has little to do with frt cars but...what the hell. After examining the Trix Big Boy I can truthfully say that it only has three faults that standout to me. The drivers are fairly undersize...about 64" compared to the prototype's 68", the forward steam pipes are too small in diameter and I'm pretty sure that they pivot the rear engine...I'm afraid this will probably be a fact of life with all plastic artics...and don't connect the rear cylinders with the input steam pipes. The models I've seen have excellent mechs, operating quite smoothly at low speeds.

Now...that's the end of that. Back to frt cars..

Mike Brock

Gene Green

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