Re: Stewart hoppers (was some other model suggestions)

Richard Hendrickson

Richard Hendrickson lobs one...

All news to me. However, from a west coast perspective, y'seen one hopper,
y'seen 'em all, and who cares, anyway. (Making tracks for the bomb
Now, Richard, I believe you are somewhat disingenuous here. After
all, the Ga-18, Ga-21, Ga-24, Ga-43, Ga-50, Ga-54, Ga-81, Ga-83,
Ga-100... just to mention a few... were all classes of Santa Fe
hopper cars built before 1960. Methinks you have more than just
a passing interest in -certain- hopper cars. (The ACF-Hart side
dump cars for example?)
Now, Tim, the early Santa Fe cross hoppers were built in VERY small numbers
and were seldom seen on the Coast Lines, so my interest in them is
decidedly marginal. As for the Rodger-Hart selective ballast cars, they
were a whole other story. They were designed as ballast cars and the Santa
Fe used them almost exclusively in that service. So they weren't hoppers
in the usual sense at all - that is, AFAIK they never carried (yawn) coal.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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