I recall that the old Train Miniature hopper car was (for the time anyway) a
reasonably accurate rendition of the PS-3. Of course the attention to precise
detail and fine casting quality we expect now was not there. But if you
really want one of those cars see if you can find one at a flea market. I guess
Walthers got the dies with the rest of the TM line but it doesn't seem as
though have chosen to produce them, but I haven't looked in a catologue lately.


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<< Richard, I think he meant the outside ribbed cars, not the offset car.
Stewart makes an AAR 12-panel with and without peaked ends, a 13-panel
car (PRR H-39 but also owned by others), and a 14-panel (PRR H-37 and
also with other owners). So that's 4 models, but no PS-3, and none of
them good as C&O or B&O cars (for example). Jim Eager figured out how
to cut up the 14-panel cars to make pretty good PS-3's (e.g. L&N). >>

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