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While we're still off topic, you may also find
to be helpful. Note that neither Advanced Book Exchange (ABE) nor
Bibliofind are actual booksellers. Instead they contain listings from
many smaller book dealers. As a result, each web site might find the same

Other search sites:

Best of luck!


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I tried and found two copies, and some
>other interesting stuff.

I tried that website and it wouldn't come up. ???

Try it again, Richard. Or try simply I tried it, and
site is just wonderful. There's hardly a used railway title I couldn't
on it. Even found a copy of "Painting of Railway Equipment,"
Simmons-Boardman 1924, written by Lackawanna shopforeman Miller. I've
ever seen one other copy in circulation. I bought it. Two copies of
Locomotive are on there -- that's just about the rarest of the rare.

Thanks, Jeff Aley, for suggesting the site.

All the best, ....Mike
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