Re: Critique of Products

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Jack Burgess writes:

"A very good modeler/friend 30 years ago was scratchbuilding an On2
boxcar. He installed all of the roof tie rods inside the boxcar, added
Grandt Line 55-gallon drums inside the car, and then glued the doors
I have also done that on a small number of cars over the years, and the effort indeed gave me then (and now) a feeling of especially accomplished craftsmanship and completeness .

On the other hand, I commonly run a pretty attractive train of appropriate pretty finely-built cars without a single innocent soul observing out that several pairs of cars have the same numbers, or that a fine Westerfield URTX reefer is coupled to an equally fine (for its day) 1941 Varney Milwaukee ribside box, or a 1938 Megow ATSF reefer.

Different visions of different realities at different times for different purposes. The big tent of this hobby covers all, and the tolerant modeler who can understand, if not embrace this creative and imaginatiive breadth will be well-served.


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