Re: Milk Industry - Kansas


Rod Smith, from Australia, wrote in part;
"I am endeavouring to research the milk industry in & out of Kansas
City in the post war years. Particularly the type & ownership of
freight cars used to carry this produce. Any web site information
would be grateful."


I am afraid you are going to be disappointed, as there was no milk
train service to Kansas City after the Second World War. The book,
The Milk Market Industry by Roadhouse & Henderson, states milk train
service in the Kansas City milk marketed ended by 1934. Evidently,
the road network around Kansas City was good enough to make milk
train service unnecessary. The major cities, still having milk
train service after WW II, were Boston, New York, and Chicago.

If you would to discuss milk trains further, I suggest you join us
on the yahoo milktrains group.

Regards, Mike Carson

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