Re: ADMIN: Clarification of STMFC objectives.

Roger Miener <Roger.Miener@...>

Yes, Mike Brock, let's hear it for "little buggers".

... with a goal of producing models of them with as great a
degree of accuracy as possible."

The last sentence is, indeed, part of the group's charter and has
been located in the group's description at the home site. I regret
that the
lack of this information may have misled some members regarding the
objectives of the group which does, indeed, emphasize the modeling
rivets, bolts, little buggers [ reference Roger Miener ], ....
As for the "little buggers", the word is on the street that the
inspector (i.e., me) charged with ascertaining the presence or absence
of "little buggers" will be present at the Hoo-Rah held in Cocoa Beach
in the month of January next forthcoming - to wit, January 2004.
Ergo, every freight car on the premises will be checked for the
presence - or absence - of "little buggers".

Youse has all been forewarned. That means that you already know what
is gonna happen. Hey, Jim Six ... oh yeah, and also Bob "Mr. Tree"
Hundman and Greg "Gee-Haw" Martin, that includes all of youse. Nobody
gets a free pass. OK? You hear what I'm sayin'? You see what I
mean? Gud!

BTW, and just in case anybody is wondering. The Six knows "little
buggers" probably better than anybody, and thus is doubtless streets
ahead of most of the rest of yah. You say that you don't know what a
"little bugger" is? No problem. Just ask The Six. He has photos.
He'll show them to you.

Roger Miener

(whose inspection tours will take place hard on following his
attendance at Richard Hendrickson's wine tasting seminar)

at Tacoma WA

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