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Not to muddy the water,but can someone please tell me ,what is
"Box Car Red"?Armand Premo

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Is the correct color for a IC 1937 AAR Boxcar " Boxcar Red" ?

As built by ACF, IC box cars built 1939 through 1940, series 17000-19499,
sides and ends painted IC #11 maroon (what modelers typically call "box
red"). Roofs and underframes were coated with black car cement. Trucks
black. White stencils. Wood running boards were coated with "Termineol"
idea what color this was). The same scheme was used on 40' and 50' box
cars built from 1937-1941. The source of this information is from ACF
of materials, available for review at the Mercantile Library in St. Louis.
Paint samples are included in some folders. The color was more like
rather than an oxide shade.

I don't have any paint spec information for IC postwar box cars or
cars. Photos indicate sides and ends were "box car red" but I don't know
roof color. Hope this helps.

Ed Hawkins

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