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On Jul 9, 7:50am, Rodney Smith wrote:
Subject: [STMFC] Milk Industry - Kansas
I am endeavouring to research the milk industry in & out of Kansas City
in the post war years.
Particularly the type & ownership of freight cars used to carry this
Any web site information would be grateful.

Rod Smith


Larry Jackman will certainly be able to tell you more, but from
what I can tell, there were no "milk cars" used in or out of KC. By that,
I mean the Pfaulder-type cars that were common in the eastern U.S.

Milk was shipped in cans in baggage cars or express reefers, from
what I can tell. I have photos of stacks of milk cans at the UP depot in
Topeka, KS in the 1950's.

Please let me know if you learn otherwise.



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