Re: Modeling standards and other observations

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Tom Madden's wise observations on the progress and stages of development that both the hobby and hobby-ests (sp?) have undergone, and are going through, are about the most thoughtful and simple that I have yet read- and keeping in mind. It is especially appealing on another level because it parallels so well the common experiences that so many of the rest of us have also been exposed to over the years and as we grew with the hobby. When I asked for shims, and then had no idea whatsoever what thickness I needed, the counterman took pity and sold me a small packet of graduated sizes- which I still have and still draw from.

Now, as to riding my bicycle- I certainly did that in spades, although Tom would probably opine that I really made my first visit to the hobby shop on horseback :-).


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