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When I was on the UNPAC in Kansas in the early 50s Bauxite was shipped in Box cars from Arkansas to the west.
Thank you
Larry Jackman

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Dick Murray asked:
Does anybody know the service route for shipping bauxite to the ALCOA
plant in Massena, NY on the St. Lawrence Div of the NYC during the
late 1950's? I am assuming it was shipped in covered hoppers, but was
it shipped in just NYC covered hoppers or the covered hoppers of the
different railroads on the service route?
Dick, are you sure they were shipping bauxite to Massena? When I worked
at Alcoa in Vernon in the 1950s, I understood it was alumina shipped to the
reduction plants such as Massena.
It matters because bauxite could certainly be shipped in open hoppers,
but not alumina (much more finely divided).

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