Re: Milk Industry- Kansas


The underlying factor in the milk transport on railroads is clearly distance
and quantity.

In the New York City milk market there was a huge volume, much of it coming
from upstate New York. This meant hauls as long as 300 miles in some cases. The
milk was collected from farmers and then processed at "creameries" from where
it was shipped in carload lots. One of the more interesting hauls was from
the PRR Elmira branch in Northern PA to a dairy company in Brooklyn. The milk
tank car went through the tunnuls under the Hudson and through PA station, etc.
There was some carload traffic into Chicago from Wiconsin, etc.

In the midwest and other areas the dairy farms were apparently in the suburbs
or a short distance from the large cities. Therefore it was practical to ship
milk cans in baggage cars without cooling and insulation for the milk.

All this was dicussed in the previously mentioned RMC articles.

Chuck Yungkurth

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