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Roger Miener <Roger.Miener@...>

Hi Mike Carson,

You said ...

From the information about Bowman's Dairy in your e-mail, it sounds
you have something to contribute to the milk trains list.
... Don Valentine also expressed interest in same. Well, I'm not so
sure how good a source I am. After spending most of today wondering
why the slogan I attributed to Bowman Dairy somehow just didn't ring
right, it finally dawned on me that it wasn't their slogan. If Bowman
had tried to use the slogan, Sidney Wanzer & Sons dairy would have
been all over Bowman like a cheap suit.

Click the link immediately below and look at the ad on the left. At
the very bottom of the Wanzer ad you will see the slogan.

Oh, and as for Bowman, they are the folks that owned the White trucks
found at a location which is a bit more than one-third of the way down
the following page - some steam era trucks for use in steam era

If I am right, the big dairy building (in the background of the photo
of the 1929 White 59 six-wheel truck and trailer) was located in River
Forest, Illinois. If so, then that building was backed up hard
against the tracks of the Galena sub of the Chicago and North Western
with a siding at its back door. The C&NW, in this area, had a
triple-tracked mainline that ran on an elevated right of way so as to
be grade separated above the city streets. Riding the commuter
"scoots" to and from Chicago, I think I recall seeing an occasional
express reefer type car painted green and lettered for Bowman Dairy
sitting on the siding adjacent to the plant . Insulated milk tanks
inside? Possibly. Do know that page 641 of the NMRA reprint of the
January 1953 ORER has an entry for Bowman Dairy showing a total number
of 29 insulated milk tank cars.

Roger Miener
at Tacoma WA

PS To Schuyler Larrabee, who thinks I go to law libraries. Nah, at
this stage in my career I just set forth what I consider to be the
correct answer, and then I let the other guy spend hours in the law
library trying to prove that I am wrong. Or, if I get really hard up,
I turn to Google which takes me to places like the following ...,,id%3D22580,00.html

Trundle down that page just a bit to the IRS memorandum section where
you will see a paragraph that begins with the words ...
" In *Bowman Dairy Co. v. United States*, 341 U.S. 214 (1951), the
Supreme Court stated that Rule 17(c) is to be used in good faith to
obtain evidence. The court further indicated, relying upon *United
States v. Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Assn.*, 9 F. R. D. 509
(D.D.C 1949), that ...."

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