Re: Stripping Scalecoat II

What about Scalecoats' own brand of paint stripper? Obviously it's got to
work pretty when on their own paint. As for ruining an assembled resin car, I'd
try assembling a few scraps and spares left over from the kit, painting and
then immersing it in the stripper. for varying lengths of time.

Tom Casey

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Don't try brake fluid. I used it on a Sunshine car (yes, I actually
build resin car from time to time!) that was blobbed in painting. The
car almost literally melted after only a couple of hours. I was able to
salvage the sides and ends, but the roof and underframe were completely
trashed. Very thin parts like crossbears and roof seam were was like
soft rubber.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

John Fitts wrote:

Anyone out there have (successful) experience stripping hardened
Scalecoat II from polyurethane resin (as in, a Westerfield kit) without
giving themselves a good dose of a carcinogen or other toxin in the

I've tried the old 91% alcohol treatment; in a very brief test it didn't
seem to work. Would rather not go the brake fluid route except as an
absolute last resort. Any thoughts, experiences, ideas welcome.

John Fitts

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