Re: Box Car Red

D. Scott Chatfield

Tony T wrote:

The whole idea of Pantone colors is that each of them can be EXACTLY
matched with printer's ink mixes. They cannot, and are not intended to,
match any color you happen to want.

Key words being "printer's ink mixes." Pantone is not meant to match
paints. What's the diff? Paints contain a binder (which often has its own
color, and thus effects the final color mix), and are generally meant to be
applied to non-absorbent surfaces. Inks do not have a binder (as a rule;
there are exceptions), and are meant to be applied to absorbent surfaces
like paper.

Accu+Paint is indeed an ink, a silk-screening ink to be specific, in a
carrier that allows it to be airbrushed. This carrier is not normal
silk-screen ink thinner. It's an anhydrous alcohol mix that has a bad
habit of sucking water right out of the air, and that can fog the color. I
have also had it shrink over time, pulling free of the surface when the
model has exterior posts and the like. I've even had it lift off the
details on a diesel hood. That's the main reason I gave up on it. The
thinner also got too expensive. Spotty availability and shelf life once
the bottle is opened are two more reasons I gave up. That's five strikes.
Four more and the side's retired....

I mostly use Polly Scale now, but will use Model-Flex if the color warrants
it. As mentioned, getting it to shoot consistantly is a problem. Some
colors shoot straight from the bottle, and some have to thinned a bit.
Some shoot fine at 15-18psi, some take 25-30psi. Meanwhile, Polly Scale
can be shot all day at 15-18psi, thinned about 2 parts paint to 1 part
Polly Scale Airbrush Thinner. I can paint, mask, shoot a second color,
etc, then decal in a single day. That's my idea of progress.

I use Scalecoat One on brass, but why anyone uses Scalecoat Two is beyond me.

Scott Chatfield

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