Re: Bowman Milk Company


Denny Anspach wrote, in part;
"(1)Has anyone produced models of the the milk cars used by the
Bowman Milk Company?
(2) Did Wanzer use milk cars also?
Another express milk car commonly seen in Chicago was Mars (the
candy company)."

If you model in HO scale, the answer is yes depending on the
era. Volume 2 of the Bobs Photos books on Railway Milk Cars shows a
picture of a post-war steel 50' GPEX bulk milk car with Bowman Dairy
as leasee. Since the Bowman leased GPEX cars in the 1930's
(reference 1940 ORER), it was likely they leased 50' wooden cars at
some point. I have read that at one time F&C did a model of the
GPEX 50' steel cars, although it isn't listed in their current
brochure. Sunshine Model does a resin kit for the GPEX 50' wooden

There is/was an HO scale Overland Models model of the 50' steel car
on E-bay last/this week. Last time I checked the high bid was in
the neighborhood of $100.

Don't about Wanzer, but there are several pictures of Wieland
(another Chicago based dairy) milk cars in Volume 2 of the Bobs

The Mars Candy bulk milk cars were the subject of a recent thread on
the milk train list. The information was there were at least two
different "styles" of GPEX cars used by Mars. A post war steel 50'
series and prewar 40' wooden series.

Help this helps,

Mike Carson

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