Re: Bowman Milk Company

Don Valentine

Hi Denny,

Quoting Denny Anspach <>:

Has anyone produced models of the the milk cars used by the Bowman Milk

Short answer, yes. Overland produced the GPEX cars like those leased
by Bowman over ten years ago. To the best of my knowledge Bowman used the
longer 8,000 gal. cars and was one of only two other lessees to use them,
one of the others being H. P. Hood here in New England. In fact Hood ended
up with most of the ex-Bowman cars in addition to there own.

Did Wanzer use milk cars also?
Wanser used the earlier style of 6,000 gal. cars that Overland also
offered with the straight sides.

Another express milk car commonly seen in Chicago was Mars (the candy
company). As far as I know, the Mars cars were usually handled by the
Milwaukee in freight trains only, however.
Can't comment on the handling but these also were 6,000 gal. cars of the
same design as the Bowman 8,000 gal. cars. They were Overland #1057 in the
first run and another number in a later one. I can look up the Overland
numbers for all if you need them.

Take care, Don Valentine

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