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Tank cars seem a pretty open field still, with only a
handful of types available. I'd say we have a way to go yet, even in
resin kits.
YES! Some visually different tank cars to satisfy those in the know and
still sell enough to the "great unwashed masses." There's already uninsulated
10K cars from Tichy, I/M, Red Caboose, P2K, and 8K cars from I/M and P2K. How
about a nice insulated 8K or 10K car with the option of the full dome platform
surround AKA "chemical tank"? Or, dare I ask, a 6K tank?

Also, what about USRA double sheathed rebuilds? I know that there's a
problem with the large variety of side/height/end variations, BUT, is there one
arrangement that is the most common? Since many manufactures have mastered the
concept of separate ends, sides or roofs, couldn't that allow for covering a
high percentage of the most common rebuilds? I would think that the visual
appeal of a deep fishbelly U/F with the sidesill extension brackets would attract
some buyers.

Then there's the 40' steel double door early auto parts box cars, available
in resin, I wonder how they would translate into a plastic offering?

Tom Casey

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