Re: K auxiliary air tanks


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<< It is quite possible, as others have mentioned, that this reservoir was
utilized for air equipment in MOW use. >>

It makes sense to me in an early era when the only feasible source of power
to provide air supply was the locomotive, that some way to use this for
secondary purposes on the train might be considered, but there are complications.

The only way I can imagine this being done is if use of the "auxiliary"
reservoir for powering other equipment in no way compromised or put at risk the air
supply needed for its intended purpose, namely stopping the car (train). I
cannot imagine it being the same reservoir used for braking. The auxiliary
would have to be plumbed into the car's air system with some kind of additional
valving to ensure it was isolated from the brake system. Presumably there
would also have to be operating rules about when and how the air supply was used
or replenished.

It strikes me as much more likely that since these are specialized cars in
specialized trains, that a second air line would be used for all this, akin to
remote-controlled hopper doors on some ballats cars, and often on passenger
cars I guess.

With regard to the model that prompted the original question, if the latter
is the case, the piping connections would be completely isolated from the brake
air system. If all you are going on is one of those (in)famous F&C diagrams,
I would suggest you keep looking for more authoritative and complete
prototype info. We still haven't heard what this model is intended to represent.


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