Re: Open boxcar doors and operations

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

Just sampling panoramic yard photos, open doors were rather rare in the
1940's and 1950's, but not unusual by the 1960's. I recently watched a
1980's SP tape showing a mainline freight running with MANY box cars
with open doors. (Double door cars, no less!) So maybe people's ideas
are affected by more recent memories rather than examination of photos
from the steam era. In the 1950's there were still people who worked
on the ground in railroad yards who could close the doors!

I suspect we need information on operational practices to answer this,
but my guess is that you'd see more open doors in locals that gather
the empty cars. After they're cleaned and checked at the major yard,
the RRs closed the doors before they hit the main line. Hence both
observations are correct, yet incomplete.

David Soderblom
Baltimore MD

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