NWU Transportation Library report

Dana and Larry Kline <klinelarrydanajon@...>

Dave Nelson wrote << Harvard and Stanford also have Copeland material and it
would not surprise me if all three collections are largely complementary
(i.e., few duplicates).>>

I have used the Copeland holdings at both Harvard and Northwestern
University. I was mainly interested in the Copeland info on WM and
connections and other Alphabet Route roads. I found that the WM holdings
are nearly identical at Harvard and NWU.

The NWU library staff was helpful to me right away, but I had emailed in
advance. The Harvard Business School library is a lot less relaxed. I had
to buy copies and have them mailed, and they officially belong to Harvard
forever. Harvard also requires permission to publish research results based
on their materials.

Bob Johnson and Chris Barkan were with me on one of my two NWU Library trips
and the both used the large copy machine to copy B&O and PRR traffic density
maps and interchange reports.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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