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<< Bob Johnson and Chris Barkan were with me on one of my two NWU Library

and the both used the large copy machine to copy B&O and PRR traffic density

maps and interchange reports.>>

Indeed I was and did. The BIG copier was finicky to use as I recall but well
worth the price. I think I recall that they didn't charge for the screw-ups,
but that may have been the particular individual overseeing us that day. I
concur that the NWU library staff were quite friendly and helpful. It was a
pleasure to be there. I think Larry's advance notification to them that we
wished to visit helped, and is a reasonable courtesy to extend to library staff
when one plans to use unusual, or difficult to access materials.

I also have a vague recollection that at least for the B&O, the tonnage maps
allowed one to distinguish between coal, and all other traffic using
color-coded marks. I also recall this wasn't the case for all roads. And I may be
thinking of another B&O tonnage map I once saw.


P.S. Wasn't Tony T. with us as well Larry?

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