Re: Quick Question - CB&Q / MILW SS Cars

Rob Adams


I can't answer your questions about the Milwaukee, but do know about the
Burlington. The CB&Q had 500 USRA double sheathed cars, but no
single-sheathed cars of the USRA design.

The "other types of SS cars" that you refer to were several classes of
z-braced, single sheathed cars with various inside heights and these
were common steam-era cars. Sunshine makes an excellent kit of the
XM-28 single sheathed car. The older Sunshine XM-25/26 kit is difficult
to come by and had some dimensional discrepancies, but is probably the
best bet for those cars. An Accurail SS box with steel ends (7-8) can
be modified into a pretty credible XM-25 or 26, but the key modification
of carving off the cast on ladders and replacing them with grabs turns
most modelers away.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

John Golden wrote:


A few quick questions for my esteemed colleagues:

1) Did the CB&Q have any USRA-type SS box cars? I know
they had a lot of DS cars and other types of SS
cars--I don't recall ever seeing a USRA-type car.

2) Is there any photo evidence to suggest that any
MILW USRA SS cars were ever equipped with steel doors?

Thanks much in advance,
John Golden
O'Fallon, IL


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