Re: "classic" gons

Charles Tapper <chastap@...>

For what it worth I'm with you Charles. I could use more 65' gons as well.
I have 2 of the ECW G26 variants. (I model the PRR) but I'd also like more.
I would also like some Bethlehem gons. Has Sunshine brought them out yet?
Since I'd like 10-12 of them I'd prefer plastic.

AFAIK they are still in the pipeline with the also much-desired (for me) 11
panel 40' gons. Models of these gondola designs will fill two major gaps.
Plastic would be great, as I need these in quantity and while resin is very
nice, it is expensive. It will take a long time for me to buy all that I
feel I would want at resin prices. I'll be very thankful when they become

Charlie Tapper

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