Re: P2K Tank Cars & K brakes


Jeff Aley comments:
Wow! That's a pretty big pile of money! I thought that one could tool an
entire freight car for $100,000. Are the brakes really 1/4 of the total
cost? Or is most of the $28,000 "overhead"? [Or does it cost a heck of a
lot more than $100K for a freight car?]
I may be out of date on this, but the $100k number that used to get
thrown around was for steel dies. Aluminum dies made with NC technology are
supposedly less expensive. And any single sprue, as opposed to a multi-part
die which has to open in several directions to eject the part, cannot be
close to the costs for a full body die. Can anyone supply modern numbers
for these various cases?

(Should I subscribe to the Tooling Costs for
Injection Molded Plastic Freight Cars List (TCIMPFCL)??)
Hey, now THAT sounds interesting. But I think I'd only want to join the

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