Re: Steam Era "Piggyback" Flatcars

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Mont Switzer wrote:
You are right about the build date I'm sure, but they didn't get
around much until the late 1950's from what I have been able to
observe from photos. They seem to have stayed on the PRR, but
hauling on and off line trailers. Sorry for the error.

All Pennsy TOFC flats went to Trailer Train upon startup in 1956,
which goes along with what you've seen. (Besides, your previous
assertion wasn't whether or not the cars traveled off line, but when
the 75 ft flats were built.)

Anyway, I'm sticking to my "evolution of service" argument until
someone can show me evidence in 1954 (NOT 1955-1960) of foreign
trailers on home piggyback flats (or vice versa).

Ben Hom

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