Re: mold costs

Earl Tuson

On Jan 4, 4:53pm, Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D. wrote:
On Dec 23, 10:59am, Kathe Robin wrote:

Lee English tells me it will cost ~$28, to make a new mold and the order
rate just doesn't justify it.
Surely "~$28" is a typo; I'm curious as to what the real tooling cost
would be. $2,800?
Um bet is that we'll be adding another zero - $28,000
These numbers are starting to get ridiculus. I was quoted $1700 for a "double
side puller" mold for a pair of chilled iron wheels and a tapered axle in S
scale. When I got a re-quote, eliminating the axle, and thus the need for a
specialized mold, that price fell further. No way would a brake mold cost

Earl Tuson

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