Re: wood sheathed cars-"graining on models"

Jon Miller <atsf@...>

If the master were constructed with individual boards represented by
individual styrene strips I strongly suspect we would get some of the boards
in different planes that IS noticeable on such cars where the joints
otherwise are NOT<
I did this on the first master for Al's SF BX11+ series. Al didn't like
it and because the styrene (lumber) is not at all close dimensionally it
actually came out looking like an Accurail car<VBG>. So ended up used
regular Evergreen scribed sheeting. My (IMHO) is that the off plane planks
look fine for say one or two cars and no more. I also don't like the wide
scribed lines but am not sure what is a happy medium. Probably very fine
lines that just indicate that there are boards there. Assuming paint is
.001 I would make the lines .002/3 and the width about the same. The P2K
cars are just too wide. Is it difficult to make a mold with these fine

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