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Gene Green <willibecher@...>

Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 17:19:54 -0500
J. Stephen Sandifer asks, "Have other society produced similar

Following 3 articles found in INDEX TO THE NORTH WESTERN LINES FIRST
25 VOLUMES 1974 TO 1998 (publication of C&NW Hist. Soc.):
Stock Cars 35023-35699, Joe Follmar, Jan 81, p. 39
Stock Car, A C&NW, Ron Christensen, Winter 90, p. 48
Stock Cars from Box Cars, Joe Follmar, Fall 90, p. 44

Interested parties should write to Dick Talbott, 309 22nd St., NE,
Cedar Rapids, IA 53402 to inquire about the availability of back

C&NWHS has a photocopy service. Write to Villa Park Historical
Society, C&NWHS Copy, 220 S. Villa Ave., Villa Park, IL 60181.

Gene Green

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