Re: wood sheathed cars-"graining on models"

Don Valentine

Don Valentine wrote:
If the master were constructed with individual boards represented by
individual styrene strips I strongly suspect we would get some of the
boards in different planes that IS noticeable on such cars where the
joints otherwise are NOT
And Jon Miller responded:

I did this on the first master for Al's SF BX11+ series. Al didn't
like it and because the styrene (lumber) is not at all close dimensionally
Do you mean all the Evergreen stuff doesn't measure up to what it is
advertised to be???

it actually came out looking like an Accurail car<VBG>. So ended up used
regular Evergreen scribed sheeting. My (IMHO) is that the off plane
planks look fine for say one or two cars and no more. I also don't like the
wide scribed lines but am not sure what is a happy medium. Probably very
fine lines that just indicate that there are boards there. Assuming paint
is .001 I would make the lines .002/3 and the width about the same. The
P2K cars are just too wide. Is it difficult to make a mold with these fine
We will know soon enough. For the recut Dominion car our toolomaker has
used the smallest size cutter he could purchase to delineate the board
sheathing. If this doesn't satisfy the majority of people we will tool the
next one without marks for individual boards to enable the nitpickers to
scribe their own. Then they can decide which method is best!

Take care, Don Valentine
New England Rail Service

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