Re: wood sheathed cars-"graining on models"

Greg Martin

Mike Brock writes...

Many of us likely also have favorite cars that are likewise no longer on the "leading edge". So be it. It's called progress.<
Mike does this mean I should get rid of my "special cars" like the Tichy GSC flat with the brake wheel on the wrong side, the Bowser gondola with the brake wheel on the wrong side, or my Branchline 40(+)foot box car? Ain't gonna happen these are some of my favorites. Hey, what about my sort of, kind of finished C&BT shops and Front Range Boxcars? No Way Dude! What about that Athearn reefer with all the detail parts I bought and stuffed in the box based on Tony T.'s article a few years back? Jeepers Creepers I can give them up! Progress I call that suicide... 3^) What would feed my challenge?

One of the rather interesting aspects of this thread is that we may be seeing a similar "advance" as we move to building SS cars without the excessive joint gaps.<
I still think that Tichy was on the right track when they tooled their USRA single sheathed car with the way they varied the boards. I am not sure if it was tooling cost or criticism from modelers that caused them to abandon the approach on the gondola car. Alas they left us with a mainstream mediocre approach to the issue. Perhaps in the future someone will pick up the ball and see this type of tooling a better way.

Even relatively new resin cars may now be not so much on the leading edge. Throw them out? As the 4449 crew said in response to my assertion that the SP dispatcher would tell me when 4449 would
leave Railfair '81......"Probably not".

Mike Brock
I have to agree we old habits die hard... Is this hobby a habit?

Greg Martin

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