Re: Book Reprints (Was: Re: PFE book (and subsequent editions))

Brian Termunde

My pair of cents worth on the matter. There are times when a supplement to a book would be great and would work fine **IF** it can be done in a way so that it does not become a burden to the publisher. There are times that this simply would not work though. I have bought numerous books over the years, new and used, and continue to do so even though I probably will never get though the ones that I have now! I have only bought a few reprints of books that I already have, but they were worth it to me. In particular (and not because Tony Thompson of Signature Press is part of our list), is John Signor's Rails in the Shadow of Mt. Shasta which was reprinted by Signature Press as Southern Pacific's Shasta Division. Yes, there is duplicate material (how could there not be?), but there is so much that is indeed new, that I thought it worthwhile to spend my very limited hobby funds on it and I have not regretted doing so. Why should a book be considered as untouchable if additional material is found? Sometimes a second volume is a good idea (as with the Coast Line Pictorial and the SP in Oregon Pictorial books). But there is no way that any supplement could have worked for the Shasta Division book, and I suspect that, from what I've heard, that the same is true of the PFE book as well.

I do not have the original PFE book, unfortunately (although I check from time to time), and I doubt that I will be able be able to budget for the the new version either, but it is something that I would love to get if the opportunity presents itself. And even if I do, if a third revision was to come out, I would want to get it as well.

Take Care!

Brian R. Termunde
Burbank, CA
"Ship and Travel the Grand Canyon Line!"

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