Re: Soo Line sawtooth boxcar

I wonder if it would be simpler to convince Ron at DesPlaines Hobbies to run
a bunch of them again? IIRC DesPlaines hobbies bought out Storzek's kits and
issued them under his own label for a time. I don't know if that was new
production or cleaning out work in progress though.

Tom C

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Hi group:

Unless someone offers to sell me an unbuilt Storzek kit for a Soo
Line "sawtooth" single sheathed boxcar, I am going to scratchbuild
one of these cars in HO scale. A construction article and drawings
for one variation of these cars (road no. 133068) appeared in the
Nov. 1960 issue of RMC, of which I have a copy.

I thought that if any other list member(s) is/are so inclined, we
could undertake the project at the same time and compare notes.
I'll probably want to get started in about a month. That would give
us time to look over the drawings, get our hands on any supplies,
etc. Please let me know if you're interested.

I realize that a Walthers/Train Miniature kit (or possibly other)
could be used as a starting point with a kitbash, but barring a
Storzek kit surfacing, I would be more interested in scratchbuilding.

Cheers and thanks,


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