Re: Accurail single sheathed box car

Ian Cranstone

Don Valentine wrote:

In short, the Accurail model IS supposed to be a model of the 1923 CNR
prototype, the same one Dennis Storzek formerly offered in resin.
Actually the Storzek resin kit was of an earlier 40' boxcar, built for
Canadian Government Railways in 1916-17 (and passed to CNR upon their
formation in late 1918). I don't have photos handy to compare designs, but
can say that the earlier car was actually 6 inches wider (same 9' inside
height, but 9' wide vs. 8'6"), and had a 3265 cu. ft. capacity vs. the 3098
of the 1923 CNR boxcar. There were actually two versions of this car
constructed by different builders, one with a fishbelly centre sill, the
other with a straight centre sill -- I seem to recall that the kit has the
fishbelly version.

The 1916-17 cars were built as CGR 260000-260999, apparently passing to CN
under the same numbers (I suspect that this may be a mistake in the ORER),
and then renumbered 500000-500492. 500 cars were rebuilt to 1-1/2 door auto
cars in 1920-21 as CN 83100-83599, and quickly renumbered CN 590000-590499.
When deemed too small for this service, they were converted back to
conventional boxcars and renumbered 514000-514499 from 1933-38. Since the
auto cars were drawn randomly from the source series (based on built date
listings), each of the series includes both designs.

The Accurail cars represent CN's first 40' design, built as 500500-503499 in
six lots from three builders from 1923-27. There was also a variant 1-1/2
door design constructed for auto service in two lots from two builders in
1923 as 580000-580999. These cars became conventional boxcars and
renumbered 464000-464999 from 1933-40. The main variation of these cars
(other than the doors) was the use of grab irons instead of ladders to
provide access to the roof.

Ian Cranstone and Katherina Nantsios
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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