Re: Insulated Tank Car in RMC

Richard Hendrickson

Steve Hile wrote:

In the February RMC there is a brief kitbashing article where Dwight Smith
shortened the Athearn chemical tank car and frame and added a larger dome
and details. The results look nice. There is a prototype photo of this car
in TSC 12. Frankly, I have looked a number of times at the Athearn tank and
wondered what could be done with it, perhaps shortening it as Dwight did and
marrying it with the Tichy underframe.

Comments? Other/Better prototypes?
Steve, what Dwight did is a plausible kit-bash which results in a model
that's fairly close to being dimensionally accurate for a 10K gal. insulate
ICC-103 or ICC-104. I've contemplated doing something similar myself but
have never gotten around to it. One problem he didn't address is that the
Athearn tank bottom is the same one that's in the three dome tank kit, so
it is undersize and has a profusion of unprototypical rivets. That's not
hard to fix, however, by filing off the rivets and adding an outer layer of
styrene sheet. Depending on prototype, an InterMountain underframe might
be preferable to a Tichy underframe (and for a GATC car, the original
Athearn underframe can be shortened, as on the 10K gal. GATC ICC-103 model
I wrote about in RMJ two or three years ago).

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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