Re: Source for Red Caboose RC-7003 undec ARA body steel plate end box car kits

Jim Scott


I know it is tough, but hang in there. Your Hobby
Shop can back order from Red Caboose. I have the same
problem with the SP GS Drop Bottom Gondolas and my
local hobby shop has ordered these cars for me and I
may have to wait but I do get them.

In talking with the folks at Red Caboose, they
schedule re-runs of the cars and they are now doing
RTR on most of them. They also bring in a small
amount of kits because the demand is still there and
if your hobby shop orders the kits, you will get them.

Their stock (RC) is only dependent on the demand and
what they have scheduled with their supplier.

Jim Scott
Lompoc, CA.
--- Rob Adams <steamera@...> wrote:
Greetings fellow freight car enthusiasts;

I'm looking for some HO scale Red Caboose RC-7003
ARA body steel plate
end box car kits for some car projects for my
mid-1930's freight car
fleet. My local source has been unable to get them
from Red Caboose and
a check of the RC web site shows virtually all of
the RC X-29 and ARA
cars out of stock. The undecs show as out of stock
and even the
common-as-dirt Pennsy cars are OOS. What is up with

Do any of you know of a source for these kits, or
have a cache of them
yourself that you might be willing to thin. I'm
looking for three of
them, eventually to become MEC, CNJ and B&O cars.

For that matter, I'd even be interested in an
original Pennsy kit with
number appropriate for the early series with CRECO

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

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