Re: NMRA Standards and the Need for Revisions

Schuyler G Larrabee <SGL2@...>

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From: "Mike Brock" <brockm@...> I said, RP-3 and RP-4 work with code 88 wheels, perhaps other
similar RPs should be developed for other wheels...including P-87 size.
As I mentioned before, I am also a denizen of the Proto87 list, and this,
exactly this, is being done, hotly debated over there, as the NMRA managed
to come up with their own version of Proto87, which isn't quite a direct
reduction of prototype dimensions (!!!!). They ignored the fact that P87
has been around for some 20 years, and has evolved a workable set of
standards which it would have served the NMRA well to simply >>adopt<<.

Nope. "Not invented here."

Discussion is happening and progress is reputedly being made

Roger Meiner also has been seen lurking around the Proto87 list. Maybe he'd
like to comment here?


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